How to ensure the stable operation of Guangdong automatic aroma machine?

2020-12-24 177

Since ancient times in our country, there have been special and persistent followers on incense. Both Buddhist incense and general incense are welcomed by Chinese people. Especially in the aspect of Buddhist incense, the burning of Buddhist incense has always been something that many people must do on New Year's holidays. This is not a symbol of superstition, but also a symbol of belief and respect. With the development of the times, now the demand for incense is also increasing, and automatic incense machine and other machinery appear in our eyes.

Automatic incense making machine is a more advanced incense making equipment in the market. It is produced by using numerical control hydraulic technology. It can control the speed of production and improve the quality of products! Disposable molding incense making equipment is widely used in the production of incense sticks, sticks, thread incense, pansy, etc! Automatic incense making machine is now a convenient, high degree of automation, automatic feeding, automatic tail cutting, the product is more advanced, automatic incense making equipment with automatic label, only one person can work, energy saving, power saving, high efficiency, simple, practical, equipment durable, reasonable structure!


The following three points are very important, to be punctual to do protection, so as to ensure the smooth operation of incense making machinery.

1. The hydraulic oil used in the mechanical balancer parts should be replaced and checked on time, and the oil quality should be kept clean all the time. Once the oil is found to be degenerated or mixed with other impurities, the oil should be replaced immediately.

2. In the operation of distributor, the conversion from "neutral" to "floating" is required to be agile and stable, and try to prevent the oil pressure surge phenomenon when skipping the "depressurization" direction.

3. The removal of the lead seal must be after the inspection of the pressure test equipment has been completed. In order to prevent the abnormal operation and overload of the system, it is necessary to adjust the pressure of the safety valve and the automatic tripping pressure of the slide valve to reach the appropriate situation.

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