What are the types of incense machine equipment?

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In other words, the swing incense making machine looks like a baby's cradle with many holes in the center. Appearance specification: length 80cm, width 60cm, height 100cm, weight about 100jin, input power 220 v. The speed changes from 1400 rpm to 70 rpm. There is a simple switch, a craft to do incense, artificial powder, machine swing. Cutting down the artificial rubbing powder can reduce part of the physical strength of the workers, but the effect is not obvious.

Labor saving

That is to say, the fragrance making machine has been further improved on the basis of the swing machine. The input power is 220 V, 380 V, and the output power is 750 W (the actual work is 550 w). The length is 120 cm, the width is 100 cm, and the height is 120 cm. The output value is about 30kg / h, and the whole machine weight is 350kg. It is a well planned fragrance making machine which combines the distribution of spices and kneading action in the manual production program. It can automatically control the moment, and the combination of various operation organizations can make the roller with stick produce rotation and winding revolution. However, its disadvantages are that the dust is large, and it is necessary to glue water and powder artificially. The labor intensity of people is large, and the skills are difficult to master. Moreover, it can only make bamboo stick incense within 50cm in length. The quality of the products is not very ambitious.


One step molding

The vertical multi-functional numerical control liquid Limited incense machine is one of the more advanced incense making machines in the domestic market at present. It is produced by using numerical control hydraulic technology. The numerical control hydraulic control can fully satisfy the production speed of different production personnel, and improve the output value, quality and appearance value of products. This product is widely used in: stick incense, stick incense, thread incense, pansy, the same kind of products, a machine can be satisfied with the production of more than one flavor type.

Fully automatic

The appearance specifications of the full-automatic incense making machine are: length 200 mm, width 80 mm, height 120 mm, automatic feeding, automatic tail cutting and automatic label threading. It seems to be more advanced, but there are many disadvantages: first of all, the requirements for the quality of bamboo sticks are very strict, the proportion of ingredients should not be wrong, the noise is big, the maintenance is expensive, and the price is high. It is estimated that it will be difficult for incense making friends to accept in recent years It is widely used. However, with the continuous improvement of manufacturers' R & D skills and the improvement of customers' problems in the process of use, the selection of automatic is a trend of enterprise development.

Article source: Guangdong automatic fragrance machine


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