What are the common flavor pigments?

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At present, the main stream incense making machines in the market are elegant in appearance. They choose the machines with active feeding, active tail cutting and active label wearing. However, some of the low-quality machines have many disadvantages. The demand for products is very strict, and the proportion of ingredients can not be too poor. Moreover, the noise is very loud, and the maintenance is very troublesome. In the same way, there are higher requirements for the selection of pigments used in automatic aroma making machine-made aroma.

A. basic rose essence

Molecular formula: c28h31n2o3cl

Molecular weight: 478.5 specification: dB / 130100g571-88

Properties: bright green flash crystal powder, soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in fibrin, slightly soluble in acetone. In case of concentrated sulfuric acid, it is yellow brown and has strong green fluorescence. After dilution, it turns to blue red and orange. The water solution was heated with sodium hydroxide to form Rosa tomentosa deposit.

Brand name: basic rose essence B, basic Pink

Usage: red body and feet coloring, usually matching with scarlet.


B. basic scarlet: it has bright color and is used to make green or red fragrance body or foot.

C. gold powder, red gold powder and gold paste: they have a dazzling beauty. After burning, the ash combined with the projection of lights can enhance the reflection of light. The outer surface of the fragrance is glittering with a sense of forward fragrance. With their sacrifice, they also have a sense of reverence for ancestors and gods.

Application: for the production of golden fragrance and red gold fragrance

D. basic magenta

Name: basic magenta, malachite green, alkaline block green, alkaline green (sand)

Usage: green body and foot coloring

Article source: Guangdong automatic fragrance machine


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