Labor saving principle of Guangdong automatic incense making machine

2020-12-24 465

It has always been the policy of the full-automatic fragrance machine manufacturers to produce good spices without labor effort. After a long time of discussion, it is found that good spices require a lot of manual procedures and long-time equipment operation. It is far fetched to produce good spices, which greatly affects the power presented, and improves the speed of aroma production for the corresponding market demandGuangdong automatic incense making machineA method of making labor-saving incense making machine is introduced.


The utility model relates to a labor-saving incense making machine, which comprises a control device, a motor, a auger conveying device, a feeding chamber, a water tank, an electric fan and a cutter. The control equipment is on the left side of the body, the motor fixing device is at the bottom of the body, and the reducer device is on the motor At the top of the machine body, the bottom equipment of the feeding chamber is provided with a spiral disc, the water tank is connected with the feeding chamber through an inlet pipe, and the water inlet pipe is equipped with a control valve, the bottom of the water tank is provided with a suction bin, the electric fan is arranged on the right side of the suction bin, the inner part of the discharge bin is provided with a filter plate and a forming plate, and the cutter is arranged at the bottom of the discharge bin. The utility model extrudes the perfume from the forming hole for forming, and then completes the continuous production. The utility model has long useful working time, only needs a few manual operations, reduces the labor intensity, and improves the production power.

The process of hand-made flavor is disorderly, and the high quality of artificial flavor is needed.

Article source: Guangdong automatic fragrance machine

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