Why does the new bearing of fragrance making machine make noise after being installed?

2020-12-24 238

I believe that we have all experienced the noise of the new bearing of the fragrance making machine. At this time, we must think of the return, but bearing noise must be the quality factor of the product? Through the long-term summary of the technical personnel, the bearing noise has the following factors, and maybe there are many other factors that we have not encountered. We hope we can make up for them.

1. There are impurities in the oil;

2. Lack of lubrication (oil level is too low, improper storage leads to oil or grease leakage through the seal);

3. The clearance of bearing is too small or too large (manufacturer's question);

4. Impurities such as sand or carbon particles are mixed into the bearing to play an abrasive effect;

5. The bearing is mixed with water, acid or paint and other dirt to have corrosion effect;


6. The bearing is clamped flat by the seat hole (the roundness of the seat hole is not good, or the seat hole is not straight);

7. The iron pad on the bottom surface of the bearing seat is uneven (resulting in deformation of the seat hole and even cracks in the bearing seat);

8. There are impurities in the bearing seat hole (residual chips, dust particles, etc.);

9. The sealing ring is partial (touching adjacent parts and causing conflict);

10. The bearing is under rated load (the bearing is axially tight or there are two fixed end bearings on one shaft);

Article source: Guangdong automatic fragrance machine


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